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     Hunan Keer Biotechnology limited company setup in 2006,After more than ten years of development,keer Biotechnology developed into a set of modern research and development, production and sales of integrated probiotics industry leader nowadays.Owns the probiotic brand :"Multiprobiotic classic series"、"Multiprobiotic boutique series"、"Baby love probiotic"、"Special function probiotic series" four series production line;Production can be applied to any crowd of all age.

    Keer Biotechnology has complete production lines and hardware facilities.

“Probiotic double layer embed microcapsule process patent ”was invented by Keer Biotechnology in 2006. 
Keer Biotechnology set up professional probiotic manufacturers in 2008. Getting certified of ISO22000 the management system of food security,activate the 16s second-generation microbial flora gene sequencing system in 2017. Set up probiotic nutrition products plate in 2018. “Probiotic health experience pavilion” was created by Keer Biotechnology in 2019.

    At the beginning of the establishment of the company has been adhere to product independent R&D and technological innovation.Insist “Your intestinal health specialist”.Insist“Introduction and export of international leading technology in probiotic industry”.Achieving global excellent industrial chain resources of probiotics.Hunan keer Biotechnology  has entered into strategic cooperation with US probiotic manufacturers which called BIOSOURCE and Swiss colostrum enterprise which called QURADEA.Through years of unremitting efforts,Keer Biotechnology has become one of the most international companies in the probiotic industry.

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